March 2010 JOTM James NVRDUN Foster!!!!

March JOTM winner  James NVRDUN Foste

It was taken in 2009 at the Annual Jim Parker Memorial in Clayton, Ok. It was the first time my son Dustin had been to Clayton and this was one of the first trails we were on. I do not remember the name of the trail but we kept inching our way up. I did not figure we were going to make it up with the line we were on but at that point I wanted to see just how far we could go without flopping over. I knew we were pretty close but until I saw the picture I really did not know just how close we were. We backed back down and took a different line. Went right up almost without lifting a tire. Dustin said, “why didn’t you just take that line first”. My reply was “where’s the fun in that”.