October 2010 JOTM Winner frac man!!!

October 2010 JOTM Winne

The birth of Cattywhompus:
During a Bridgeport run in July I was lucky enough to gain a new perspective of the world … hanging upside down in a jeep. Fortunately both my passenger and I unbuckled and escaped unscathed. Then with a lot of help from several folks including 2 LSJC members (thanks Godwin and Steve!!) we winched my jeep back up on all four, cleaned up what remained of my windshield and frame, and I scraped my pride off the trail. At that point everyone assumed that we’d head back to the trailhead, hitch up to the tow vehicles and call it a day. However, after the engine started right up and the steering tracked true (well – it handled as sloppily as it did before the roll at least), I decided that I couldn’t do too much more damage if I continued wheeling the “cattywhompus” jeep for a few more hours. This shot was taken at the end of the day as we gave Cattywhompus a redneck carwash… and without a windshield my passenger and I got to freshen up as well!