December 2011 JOTM Co-Winners

December 2011 JOTM Co-Winner RolloverRed


This photo was taken on the “Whatever” trail in Gilmer, TX (BMRA) during the WeBack-BMRA run by her boyfriend Sean. He claimed the Jeep was having an easier time than he was walking down the trail.

After watching him stumble around outside the Jeep trying to take pictures, I agreed.

The Jeep is an ’06 Rubicon with 3 inches of lift on 33s, armored all the way around, and it is scoring one for the yellow team!


December 2011 JOTM co-winner Tall Steve


This picture was taken at Rock Trails of Tolar on the 2011 Fathers

Day Run. The Blue Mule is a 2010 JK Sport with 5.13s, ARB Lockers,

and 35″ KM2s with a few other Mods.