December 2012 JOTM Winner!

December 2012 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Shane “DOZ3R” for December 2012 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken by Josh Bertschy at his event in Clayton on October 13th of this year. This was my shakedown run with the Baertrax 609 axles. Worked as promised. I drive this rig almost everyday and love it more every time I drive it. It actually just made it from Dallas to Laredo and back. We also added ARB’s, OBA, the Raceline Beadlocks and 40″ Krawlers during the axle build too. Most of the armor is Poison Spyder steel except the tube fenders which are aluminum. I’ve got Mastercrafts, Genright aluminum front bumper, a new gas tank skid, Amsteel rope, and an evap skid in the garage waiting for a long weekend and hopefully they will all be present during the next photo op. Happy Holidays and Wheeling to all.