November 2016 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Joe “Bushwacker” for November 2016 JOTM Winner!

The picture is of my 2001 TJ and it was taken at the Hot Springs ORV Park in Hot Springs, AR this September 16th. It was on the exit of the Rock Garden. I was just a little too driver and it very slowly started going over. It felt like it took a minute to get on it’s side. Once there I made sure Sonia was okay and killed the motor. I told Sonia to unbuckle her seat belt and stand up. She asked me to repeat myself cause it did sound a little strange when you’re on your side. Once she was standing up in the door opening I had her push me up so I could get my seat belt undone. We then climbed out of the Jeep to see what I had done. As everyone does now a days, we had to take a selfie. The picture that you see was taken by Melinda Hill and shared with us.

After the picture was taken we hooked up Skip Hill’s winch to my rocker guard to hold the Jeep down on it’s tires. I was going to drive out of it, but the Jeep didn’t have any electrical power. So we, Mudman, Green Hornet, Lee Bob, opened the hood to see what was going on. Well the battery had slid towards the passenger side and the positive battery terminal clamp bolt had welded itself to the fender. We had to get a big flathead screw driver and a hammer to get if off of the fender. We then checked all fuses and relays, everything looked good, but still no power. I decided to do what I know best, reboot. I disconnected the negative cable from the battery and let it sit for a minute. Hooked it back up and she fired right up. Drove out of it with the winch connected untill I wasn’t leaning anymore and went back to camp. Crazy thing is I ran the same trail the day before and didn’t have an issue.

I want to give a huge thank you to Sonia, Skip, Melinda, Jim, Lee Bob, and Mark for helping me get out of my first flop. I would also like to thank all the members that voted for the picture.