2021 Jeep of the year winner!

Congratulations to Lee “Lee bob” Strode for winning the 2021 Jeep of the year Contest!

This was our LSJC Trip to Smorr in Missouri. This trail was Pee Wee Crossing which is a badge of honor trail. The park was awesome and if you get a chance to go, do it, it’s well worth it. It’s a very close second to Hot Springs.

Thank you all, I would like to share this will Rob (Batman) Anderson. Thanks for taking the photo Jen.

MAY 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Tall Steve for May 2017 JOTM Winner!

This pic of myself, my wife Sharon, and my son Jake was taken during the fall 2016 Hot Springs run to Superlift ORV Park on one of the loop trails. The Jeep aka the Blue Mule is a 2010 JK with a few mods on 37″ tires and some LED lights. Thanks to all that voted for my pic. It’s always a good time with family and friends on the trails!


April 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Al “Wushaw” for April 2017 JOTM Winner!

I want to thank everyone that voted and everyone that voted for me!

This pic was taken in Moab in May 2016.
Several other LSJC members were there also enjoying the Moab scenery and wonderful wheeling!

Everyone made great memories.


March 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Michael “Gator Bait” for March 2017 JOTM Winner!

The Jeep is a ’99 TJ with an LS1, auto, Atlas, 60’s F&R, 14″ coilovers, and 39″ Krawlers. This picture was taken by Cal of CK Customs at the first main obstacle on lower Tackett Creek trail during a 2017 New Year’s run to Burris Valley Ranch in Pittsburg, Oklahoma. This park was by far the most challenging and fun I’ve been to and set the hook deep for “Wheel’n Hard, Brah!”. Can’t wait to get back!!


February 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to James “NVRDUN” Foster for February 2017 JOTM Winner!

Although it’s not a “wheeling” picture it has a special meaning for our family. Our son Dustin got married last October to a beautiful young lady named Meg. Lisa and I became instant grandparents to three wonderful kids. The youngest is 3 years old. His name is Chase. The picture was taken on December 24, 2016, which was our first Christmas with the grandkids. So it just seemed right that Chase would get a Jeep for Christmas. We added some custom RUBICON stickers to the hood, some LSJC stickers in front of the doors and Lisa had a set of custom plates made for it with Chase?s name. The picture came about because Meg and Dustin did not have room in their car to get it home. So I loaded it up in the JK. Chase came out and asked where his Jeep was and I told him it was in the JK. He got so excited that he jumped up and down and wanted to see. So I opened the back again for him to see and that?s when the picture was shot. He thought it was really cool that his JK was in the back of Grandpa?s JK.

Thanks for voting for our picture.
James (and Chase)


January 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to James “Jeep Jockey” for January 2017 JOTM Winner!

While out for a day of wheeling at Bridgeport off road Park with Sharon and Ben (dog), we had wheeled most trails that we were interested in doing. In route to our last trail of the day “Meno’s” we encountered an unexpected obstacle. Driving down a steep muddy access road with off camber ledges our driver front tire dropped off a ledge before our passenger tire came off the ledge and it was on, resulting in the roll over that brings us to this picture. Never would I have expected that out come on a trail road that I’ve been on many times before.

Upon finding ourselves inverted I asked Sharon if she was hurt, which she answered no we found ourselves laughing. You see, Sharon had vowed to never drive the Jeep off road until it had been flopped, still says she won’t drive! With the help of Bart’s winch at the bottom, and a snatch block we rolled the jeep back on its wheels checked everything out then cranked it up and drove it back to the parking lot via the rocky Menos trail then continued our drive home without any troubles.

Our Jeep is getting a make over hood, windshield frame, rear quarter, and roll bar have been changed as well as some other problems being addressed. Our Insurer GEICO covered all damages and we will be back on the trails this spring hopefully .
Jim & Sharon AKA “Jeep Jockey”


2016 JOTY Winner!

Congratulations to Scott “81 Renegade” for 2016 JOTY Winner!

Election run 2016, Barnwell Mountain Recreation; the first trail of the day was Binder Boulevard led by our fearless leader Joe (Bushwacker) and his lovely and talented navigator Sonia (Bushwackersgirl). The picture was taken by Sonia and really captures the definitions of the of the terrain that lets the picture speak for itself. It was a great weekend that my girlfriend Susan (Sparkles) and I really enjoyed spending with great friends.