First time to visit the club? Get a Forum account first, you will not be able to fully join until you do! We recommend you choose an easy to remember user name on the forum so when people meet you on the trail they know who you are!

Forum Registration

The next step is the annual cost.


  • $55 per year – Buy Here – You Will Need Forum Login To View And Purchase


  1. Must own or be part owner in a Jeep vehicle or a vehicle that started out as a Jeep.


  • Participation in all events.
  • Trail rides.
  • Technical Advice
  • How-to clinics
  • Discounts on Jeep accessories

Plus, get access to exclusive web site privileges like:

  • Members Only section
  • Custom signatures & avatars
  • Photo Albums – Store your favorite images for all to see.
  • Social Groups – Connect with other members that have the same interests you do!
  • Full access to the classifieds section.

If you are ready to join, you can do so online or download the registration form, fill it out and mail it along with your dues to:

PO Box 150162
Arlington, TX 76015

You can also join at any LSJC event or meeting. Simply locate an officer and
express your interest in joining Lone Star Jeep Club.

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