June 2018 JOTM Winner

Congratulations to Darla “Obsession” Ivie on winning the June 2018 JOTM contest!

Many are surprised to learn that I’m a fairly new Jeeper. Last July, I purchased a 2001 TJ (Ol’ Yeller) for my son, Ethan’s, first car. It is a stick shift so I spent a lot of time driving Ol’ Yeller and teaching Ethan to drive it. I instantly fell in love with this Jeep and the Jeeping community. It wasn’t long before I had decided that my next vehicle would also be a Jeep. And so the search began for me a Jeep… I spent many nights unwinding and scrolling through Auto Trader and looking at Jeeps. It was January of 2018, just another night of scrolling through Jeeps when I can across this unique, stand out, eye catching white zebra Jeep!! It was love at first sight. I had to go see her first thing that weekend. She was even better in person. It was the elusive Zebracon and I was able to barter and make a deal to bring her home. The only thing wrong was I just couldn’t feel the Zebracon name. It wasn’t my baby. It was a matter of days when her new name hit me, the name that she chose and that she named herself!! Obsession!!! She is and forever will be my obsession. She has created a passion and an addiction in me for Jeeps, and even more so once I started wheeling her hard core. Obsession and I are not your regular, run of the mill, pretty to look at, mall crawler. We are the hard core rock crawler and we rise to every challenge. Right now, she has more ability than I do, but she is patiently teaching me to rise to her bar. She has completely overtaken my life, my weekends, and my family!! We are OBSESSED with Jeeps and we owe it all to my Obsession! Stayed tuned!! I plan for there to be lots more Stories to be told about Obsession!!


April 2018 JOTM Winner

April 2018 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Jeff Brint “Bearkat” on winning the April 2018 JOTM contest!

This picture was taken in September a couple of years ago at Hot Springs ORV Park in Hot Springs, AR. The Jeep is a 2013 Rubicon with a 3.5″ Rock Krawler lift, 35″ Toyo Open Country MTs, front Currie Antirocks, trussed and gusseted from D44 and a rear D44 with chromolly axle shafts with selectable lockers front and rear. Poison Spyder front bumper with stinger and LoD rear bumper & rock sliders.

JOTM 2018-04

March 2018 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Paul Soccio “Only In A Jeep” on winning the March 2018 JOTM contest!

This is Tigger a 1985 Jeep CJ 7. He runs a simple 2″ Old Man Emu YJ lift. This picture is from Labor Day weekend on Whatever in Gilmer. Just before the 30 year old motor mount let go.

JOTM 2018-03

February 2018 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to James “NVRDUN” Foster for winning February 2018 JOTM!

Twister gets another Jeep should be the caption for this photo.

We were all out wheeling on Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer Texas when I decided to give it a try. After all CJ8Larry had just made it up and made it look easy. As I was climbing into my Jeep I seem to remember a voice saying don’t do it. That rock on the left hand side will get you every time. Now you would think that voice was inside my head but it was really the very wise Rusty Jeep trying to save Jackpot Girl some cash. But as some of you know, I did not listen to that voice and it led to some Poison Spyder upgrades to our CJ7. But in all honesty it really is CJ8Larrys fault for making it look easy.

Thanks for the votes everyone.

JOTM 2018-02

2017 JOTY Winner!

Congratulations to Scott “RedRubiconLJ” for winning the 2017 JOTY.

It’s a 2015 JKUR. The pic was taken July 2017 in Moab on the “Top of the World” trail.

While out there Poison Spyder Mesa, Metal Masher, and Steel Bender were also completed. I was with Jim Wright of LSJC and Adrienne Roll of Des Moine IA/Houston Tx. Jim took the picture for me!

I’ve added a RK X-factor 2.5″ lift, 35″ KM2s, RCV’s Rockhard Cage and full under belly skids, poison spyder body armor and rock sliders and a PSC stubby stinger up front and a LoD rear tire carrier. Also have the truck lite LEDs and a Zeon 10k winch.

I’m so glad that I have more time to wheel my Jeep now. I’ve amassed 42k miles on it since Aug 2015. It’s been wheeling in CA, CO and UT. That’s where I like to hang out!


January 2018 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Joe “Bushwacker” Golgoun for January 2018 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken on Big Bev out at Bridgeport OHV park. I had let a friend, FireSpark, drive the Jeep and we ended up on this trail and he was not able to get past this spot. He told me to get into the driver’s seat and give it a shot. I got further, but couldn’t get over a ledge, no rear lockers back then. I then started to reverse out and he hollered out for me to stop so he could get a picture. The rock that I am standing on was wedged between my gas tank skid and bumper and as I moved back, I picked up the rock. Thanks for the votes!

JOTM 2018-01