August 2021 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Henry “LostHi” Sermersheim for winning the August 2021 JOTM Contest!

This photograph was snapped at the 2019 Big Paw Crawl at Katemcy.  It was a fun weekend for a great cause at a venue that we need to go again to.  The event had awesome spotters and trail leads.   They guided us smoothly down this obstacle that Bev did not miss a stitch.  Those who have wheeled with us will understand this.    The camera work made us look so good.  She captured the Jeep right at the perfect moment.  

May 2021 JOTM Winner!

Another beautiful day on the trails. Visited Rugged Mountain Ranch in Daisy, OK for a fun day of exploration of a new park. This was a part of the main road through the park, definitely a great park for semi-built Jeeps and buggies. Will be going back! Thank you to Tim and Bobbie Welpott for always getting the best shots!

March 2021 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Rae “TJLegacy” Cram for winning the March 2021 JOTM Contest!

Thanks everyone!! Yup this shot was taken after I said I was done for the day and then Rick said he’s getting in David’s Jeep and taking us both on I believe a 4 diamond? I was so beyond annoyed that day because someone told me beginning of the morning my Jeep couldn’t make it where they were going. & of course Legacy conquered the obstacle! With a little assist lol

February 2021 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Joe “Bushwacker” Golgoun for winning the February 2021 JOTM Contest!

That picture was taken at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area back in 2018. It was on the infamous Twister back at the Melt the Chill run in 2018. My bother-in-law can be seen in the passenger seat grinning from ear to ear. It was his first wheeling trip and he had a blast. Thanks everyone for the votes.