June 2019 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Scott “RedRubiconLJ” Anderson for winning the June 2019 JOTM!

This pictures was taken while straddling the obstacle called no left turn on the trail called Rusty Nail in Moab UT. The picture was taken by Tom Patterson. My Jeep is a 15 JKUR. I’ve added a bunch of stuff to make it capable as a rock crawler and every day driver. I go to Moab a couple times a year and Love it out there!

JOTM 2019-06

2018 JOTY Winner!

Congrats to James “NVRDUN” Foster on winning the 2018 JOTY!

Twister gets another Jeep should be the caption for this photo.

We were all out wheeling on Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer Texas when I decided to give it a try. After all CJ8Larry had just made it up and made it look easy. As I was climbing into my Jeep I seem to remember a voice saying don’t do it. That rock on the left hand side will get you every time. Now you would think that voice was inside my head but it was really the very wise Rusty Jeep trying to save Jackpot Girl some cash. But as some of you know, I did not listen to that voice and it led to some Poison Spyder upgrades to our CJ7. But in all honesty it really is CJ8Larrys fault for making it look easy.

Thanks for the votes everyone.

JOTM 2018-02

November 2018 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Larry “cj8larry” Pacos on winning the November 2018 JOTM contest!

This picture was taken on one of the look out points on Last Dollar Road in Ouray, Colorado in September. A picture never really does justice in trying to capture how awesome the views are out there. This was our 4th trip to the San Juan Mountains and it never gets old.

JOTM 2018-11