December 2019 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Bob “offcamber” Lionel on winning the December 2019 JOTM Contest!

“This is from The Big Paw Crawl this past year at Katemcy. I had planned to go and just take some photos since I had to drive 4 hours back but ended up joining up with Brian and Andy Masters. We ran some trails and they managed to spot me through the hard stuff. I think that was taken on the Fenceline trail, which was waaay harder than what I had planned to do while there.”

JOTM 2019-12

November 2019 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Larry “cj8larry” Pacos on winning the November 2019 JOTM Contest!

“This little unfortunate incident happened on the Hells Gate obstacle on Hells Revenge trail in Moab, Utah. I was climbing the V notch up and slipped down into it which caused it to flop on its side. Thankfully it was a gentle flop and the Jeep escaped with minor damage. I was actually able to right my self back up and finish the obstacle without strap or winch with the help of my awesome spotters.”

JOTM 2019-11

June 2019 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Scott “RedRubiconLJ” Anderson for winning the June 2019 JOTM!

This pictures was taken while straddling the obstacle called no left turn on the trail called Rusty Nail in Moab UT. The picture was taken by Tom Patterson. My Jeep is a 15 JKUR. I’ve added a bunch of stuff to make it capable as a rock crawler and every day driver. I go to Moab a couple times a year and Love it out there!

JOTM 2019-06