September 2017 JOTM Winner!

September 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Scott “RedRubiconLJ” for September 2017 JOTM Winner!

My Jeep is a 2015 JKUR. The pic was taken July 2017 in Moab on the “Top of the World” trail. While out there Poison Spyder Mesa, Metal Masher, and Steel Bender were also completed. I was with Jim Wright of LSJC and Adrienne Roll of Des Moine IA/Houston Tx. Jim took the picture for me!

Ive added a RK Xfactor 2.5″ lift, 35″ KM2s, RCV’s Rockhard Cage and full under belly skids, poison spyder body armor and rock sliders and a PSC stubby stinger up front and a LoD rear tire carrier. Also have the truck lite LEDs and a Zeon 10k winch.

Im so glad that I have more time to wheel my Jeep now. Ive amassed 42k miles on it since Aug 2015. Its been wheeling in CA, CO and UT. Thats where I like to hang out!





August 2017 JOTM Winner!

August 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Joe “Bushwacker” for August 2017 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken on Twister at BMRA for the 2017 LSJC Election Run. This was the last trail of the day, spent sometime on it trying to get up. I was going to make it or break it since GumbyTJ made it right before me. My rear diff kept getting hung up on a rock, so I gassed it and broke the rear driver axle shaft. Still had a blast. Thanks for the votes.



July 2017 JOTM Winner!

July 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Kevin “Hondo” for July 2017 JOTM Winner!

This was my shake down run after adding 1 ton axles, Atlas and 40″ tires. We were going down Chaos Canyon leading the hard group at LSJC’s 20th anniversary run at BMRA in Gilmer. The photo was taken by Bobby Welpott.


June 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Zach “redneckjeepr” for June 2017 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken at BMRA. It was my daughter’s first wheeling trip. I believe we were on Spider Ravine trail. She was having a blast on the trails as can be seen in the photo. My jeep is a ’99. Swapped in Grand wagoneer Dana 44 front and factory tj dana 44 rear, Detroit lockers and 4.56 gears in both. Homemade radius long arm front suspension with 4.5″ rubicon express springs. 36″ Iroks and beadlocks. I made my tube fenders out of the original fenders and some heavy duty galvanized pipe from a chain-link fence (rust free,lol). Homemade belly-up skids and a swapped in CJ tailgate round out the obvious mods.


MAY 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Tall Steve for May 2017 JOTM Winner!

This pic of myself, my wife Sharon, and my son Jake was taken during the fall 2016 Hot Springs run to Superlift ORV Park on one of the loop trails. The Jeep aka the Blue Mule is a 2010 JK with a few mods on 37″ tires and some LED lights. Thanks to all that voted for my pic. It’s always a good time with family and friends on the trails!


April 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Al “Wushaw” for April 2017 JOTM Winner!

I want to thank everyone that voted and everyone that voted for me!

This pic was taken in Moab in May 2016.
Several other LSJC members were there also enjoying the Moab scenery and wonderful wheeling!

Everyone made great memories.


March 2017 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Michael “Gator Bait” for March 2017 JOTM Winner!

The Jeep is a ’99 TJ with an LS1, auto, Atlas, 60’s F&R, 14″ coilovers, and 39″ Krawlers. This picture was taken by Cal of CK Customs at the first main obstacle on lower Tackett Creek trail during a 2017 New Year’s run to Burris Valley Ranch in Pittsburg, Oklahoma. This park was by far the most challenging and fun I’ve been to and set the hook deep for “Wheel’n Hard, Brah!”. Can’t wait to get back!!